Greeks are no longer the plate-smashing folk they once were

EKKE’s data shows that Greeks have barricaded themselves to their homes as a result of the economic crisis and the local entertainment industry is feeling the pinch

The land that was once known for its dancing and plate smashing and where people protested against early closing times at nightclubs by gathering at Syntagma square is no more as a result of the economic crisis that has shut Greeks into their home. The National Center of Social Research (EKKE) states that the Greek entertainment industry is just a semblance of its former self with figures showing that the crisis has limited as much as 15% of Greek outings.

The entertainment sector has been the hardhit by the crisis with live bouzouki entertainment revenue dropping by 45.7% whereas there has been a 51.4% slash to the local rembetika clubs where Greeks once went to hear folk music. Theater goers have dropped by 78% and there has been a 40% slash to people going to the movies.