Greeks will have to pay ENFIA tax in 4 not 6 instalments!

First instalment due by the end of September

In an effort to collect money sooner, the Greek Finance Ministry plans to reduce the common property tax (ENFIA) instalments from 6 to 4 for the 2016 financial year. The revelation was made by Deputy Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis during an interview to radio station Real-FM, Thursday. Alexiadis said the tax clearance statements would be uploaded on the online tax service system TAXIS in September, with taxpayers obliged to pay the first instalment at the end of the same month. ‘We are anxious to clear all tax statements and the ENFIA tax by the end of August, in order to collect monthly instalments until the end of 2016’, he said. The Deputy Minister ruled out the possibility of a new extension for the submission of tax statements by citizens. On the matter of how the government planned to deal with the car registration taxes, he responded that different scenarios were being examined.