Half the population of FYROM visited Greece in 2017!

The data released by FYROM statistical services

Greece is consistently the most popular destination for tourists from FYROM, according to data published by the country’s Statistical Authorities. The figures showed that for this year arrivals of visitors from the neighboring country have recorded a significant increase. Turkey came second on their choice for holidays.
According to the data from the FYROM statistical office, the number of transits at the border crossings to Greece from FYROM amounted to 1,017,882 in 2017, up 10% compared to 2016 when 974,561 transit journeys were recorded. The figures are quite astonishing given the absolute population of the country is 2.073.702.

As the FYROM state news agency reports, Skopje’s major travel agencies say the interest of the country’s citizens in Greece remained unchanged this summer, despite the increase in tourist accommodation prices in Greece. The top pick for the visitors was Chalkidiki.