Handelsblatt: Greece and Italy are the “problematic children” of the Eurozone

Greek public debt reached 181.1% in 2018

Greece and Italy have shown that they are the “two problematic children” in the Eurozone, as they are the only countries where the national debt has risen, notes the famous German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Greece’s debt to GDP ratio expanded to 181.1% in 2018, from 176.2% in 2017, according to Eurostat, which is the worst performance in the eurozone, as the German newspaper underlines.
“This increase in public debt is mainly due to new loans by Greece’s European partners’ loans to the crisis-stricken country. Lately, however, the Greek economy has returned to growth, and the government in Athens intends to prematurely repay loans worth billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund.”