Hitler had the A-Bomb! (pics+vid)

German documentary presents evidence

As the famous saying goes “History is written by the victors”. Many historians believe that one of the reasons Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany lost the Second World War was that the United States beat them to building the Atomic bomb.

nazi bomb1

A new documentary that aired on German TV station ZDF claims that Hitler had actually managed to complete the construction of  the A-bomb and was testing it a year before the end of the war on Russian prisoners in East Germany. The documentary revealed secret military archives from both Russia and the US proving, as it claims, that the 3rd Reich was ready to use the weapon of mass destruction.

flying saucer

According to the documentary, a flying-saucer like device would be used to drop the bomb. The show presented Nazi scientist reports, many of whom moved to the US after the end of WWII, eyewitness accounts and other evidence that suggest the Nazis were in the final stage of using the bomb.

nazi bomb4

SS general Hans Kammler was in charge of a slave factory of 175 thousand war prisoners, who were assigned with the production of military weaponry. He was one of the few select high ranking officials in close contact with Hitler himself, and was reportedly responsible for building the nuclear weapon.

nazi bomb2