How many Greeks fast for Great Lent and Holy Week?

Majority says fasting is a healthy choice

Two out of three Greeks said they fasted for Holy Week and only one in six over the Great Lent period, according to a survey conducted by the Institute of Retail Trade in Consumer Goods (IELKA).

The survey was carried out from March 6 to 18 over a sample of 800 consumers from all over Greece. The results revealed that the majority of respondents (67%) fasted on Holy Week (which is likely to be higher if we include 22% of those who said that they were fasting only a few times).

Overall, 17% said they fasted for the whole period of Great Lent, while in 15% replied they fasted for all the religious feasts of the year. Based on combined data by IELKA, it is estimated that 5% of food retail sales, or about € 900 million, are related to or affected by the fasting and eating habits of the fasting period.
Although 45% of the public think that eating during the fasting period is more costly than usual, views on the nutritious value of the food consumed over the period are positive. In particular, 73% of those asked believe fasting is a healthy choice and that they liked doing it.

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