In major breakthrough, Greek researchers create the first Greek Covid-19 rapid antigen test

The team is in the process of seeking a company for mass production

The Greek scientific / research community has achieved a major breakthrough, as it successfully produced the first Greek Covid-19 rapid antigen test. The accomplishment came about through the “Flagship Action” of the Ministry of Development for the study of Covid-19, H.F.R.I. emblematic Action of “Science & Society”.

The researchers announced they have completed the synthesis, isolation, and labelling of a series of monoclonal antibodies against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The sequences of the above antibodies, the method of their synthesis, as well as their fields of utilisation, were submitted in the framework of a patent application to the Industrial Property Organisation (OBI).

Following the success, the research project has already started to seek a company which will undertake the mass production of monoclonal antibodies and their placement on a special growth membrane (“strip”) to create a rapid antigen test (“rapid antigen test”) ), which will allow the systematic and targeted control of the population.

The “Emblematic Action” of the Ministry of Development, amounting to approximately 2.9 million euros, is a research project aimed at the Epidemiological study of SARS-CoV-2 in Greece through extensive tests for virus and antibodies, viral genome sequencing and genetic analysis of patients.

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