Incredible Air Show demos at 2017 Athens Flying Week (photos-videos)

Mock dogfights and low passes part of the show

Fans of all things aviation were able to enjoy impressive manoeuvres, virtual dog fights and breathtaking acrobatics, as the largest air show in Greece, the Athens Flying Week Tanagra International Air Show 2017 kicked off on Saturday at Tanagra Air Base at Schimatari about 63km northwest of Athens. Thousands of people flocked at the 114th Combat wing at Schimatari to experience the high flying acrobatics of the planes. Many had the chance to enter the cockpits of some plane models in the ground exhibition, while the younger visitors had the opportunity to tale photos with some of the pilots.

The legendary Red Arrows of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), the Silverstars acrobatic squadron from Egypt that first came to Greece, as did the Zeus F-16 Greek acrobatic team and the T-6 Daedalus squadron. A mixed formation of Mirage 2000s and F-16s engaged some incredible low flight mock dog fights, as well low pass flights and rapid ascents left the spectators impressed, while the fire-fighters’ plane squadron put on a demonstration of extinguishing flames.
Athens Flying Air Week (AFW) is the largest air show in the country and one the largest in Europe. The show will continue Sunday, September 17.