Italian PM Conte warns Turkey and Russia are taking the upper hand in Libya conflict

The Italian PM said the EU should allow distant actor to play a role in Libya

Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte has warned that Russia and Turkey, and not Europe, are setting the agenda in their involvement in Libya’s conflict.

In his end of year news conference Conte said Russia and Turkey were only pursuing a military and not a political solution in the North African state.

“We must be united, we cannot allow actors even much more distant from Libya, to position themselves, settle their role in the Libyan scenario and claim the primacy for any solutions,” he said. “Solutions which, moreover, are only military,” he added.

Turkey has signed agreements with the Libyan government that controls Tripoli, and some of the country’s west.

A military deal now allows Turkey to dispatch military experts and personnel, along with weapons, even though there’s a U.N. arms embargo.