It’s wrong to believe people are born male and female: Teen Vogue (video)

Is science still relevant in our “new” society?

Teen Vogue spoke with a collection of LGBTQ activists for a recent video in which one transgender person claimed to be biologically female “regardless of whether or not doctors agree.”

The 6-minute video started with Belgian model Hanne Gaby, who identifies as intersex. She boldly proclaimed, sans any real proof, that the idea there are two binary sexes — male and female — “is bulls***.”

Another contributor, politics writer and Teen Vogue editor Lucy Diavolo, declared, “When I say, ‘I’m a woman,’ I don’t just mean that I identify as a woman. I mean that my biology is the biology of a woman, regardless of whether or not doctors agree.”

Mind you, this kind of thinking is coming from some of the same people who vehemently attack pro-life conservatives who believe a human life begins at the moment of conception. To make their case, they often claim those on the right are denying science.