Johnny Depp – Amber Heard: Watch the video that played in court with the scene in their kitchen (video)

Claims that Johnny Depp was violent towards ex-wife Amber Heard are “complete lies”, his lawyers have told the High Court

The international media is watching with great interest the progress of the trial in the Supreme Court of London, between Johnny Depp, his ex-wife Amber Heard and the Sun newspaper, which started yesterday.

The famous star, who is suing the British newspaper for defamation, categorically denying the allegations that during his marriage to Heard he was a “violent monster”, claiming that the allegations are “completely untrue”.

As he pointed out on the first day of the trial, according to the Daily Mail, it would be “unthinkable” for him to ever beat his ex-wife, as the British newspaper claimed, due to his upbringing in the American South and the importance he attaches towards the female sex.

“I would never hit a woman under any circumstances, it is something that is strictly forbidden by my moral code. I just find it unthinkable and it would never happen”, the actor said emphatically.

On Tuesday, the first day of the trial, a video played in the court showing a scene of tension between the former couple. In the 90-second clip, Depp, 57, appears in a state of rage walking around Heard in the kitchen of their house, shouting insults, knocking on closets and kicking objects. “What happened?” Heard, who has placed her cell phone on the counter, is heard quietly asking, recording the “outburst”. The woman is heard expressing surprise at the condition of her -then- husband, pointing out that the morning she woke up he was fine. He appears angry, and then he says, “Do you want to see what madness means?” I’ll show you what madness means” while filling a huge glass of wine. In the last moments of the video, the actor seems to realize that Heard records him in a video and grabs her cell phone.

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Asked to comment on his behavior in the scene above, the actor told the court yesterday that he was obviously having a hard time, stressing that “he didn’t hit Mrs. Heard” either before or after the scene in the video.