Nigel Farage and Donald Trump sing “Just the Two of Us”! (hilarious video montage)

They seem perfect for each other

Nigel Farage, the British politician that spearheaded the Brexit campaign and managed to pull the UK out of the EU, was a staunch Trump supporter during the US Presidential campaign. Farage was invited to speak at Donald Trump rallies on more than one occasion. The two populist politicians seem to have a perfect chemistry with some reports saying Trump could offer the position of US Ambassador to Britain to former UKIP leader. This special relationship could not have been presented more in a more telling way that the hilarious video montage of the two singing the 80’s hit song “Just the Two of Us”. The creators at “Pledge” of the video strung together actual words used by Donald Trump and Nigel Farage during speeches to compile a brilliant 45 second video! Kudos to Pledge. It must have taken hours of research and some fine audio and visual; editing to produce the end result.