Kammenos makes serious insinuations against PM Tsipras over threats against his family

The former Defence Minister said there also Greeks, apart from anarchists in his tweet

Former Greek Defence Minister and leader of the Independent Greeks (ANEL), who left the coalition government partnership with ruling leftist SYRIZA, Panos Kammenos made some serious insinuations against PM Alexis Tsipras in a tweet, making reference to the anarchist group “Rouvikonas”.
In his tweet, Kammenos continued his feud with Tsipras saying he rejected threats against his family.
“At ANEL, we do not want any favours from anyone, we want parliamentary legitimacy to be implemented. I particularly do not accept threats against my family. TAKE THE PRIVILEGES AND KEEP THE POLICE EXCEPT FOR THE ROUVIKONES THERE ARE ALSO GREEKS ALEXI..”, he tweeted in caps lock characters, referring to the anarchist group that SYRIZA has reportedly been indirectly linked to in the past.


The party of SYRIZA is attempting to find ways to save its majority in parliament after the departure of ANEL from the coalition, tactics that have been labelled unconstitutional by opposition parties.