Katsifas’ huge Greek flag will be present in the Athens rally for Macedonia! (photos)

They can’t kill him…

The big Greek flag of Konstantinos Katsifa, the member of the indigenous ethnic Greek minority who was murdered by the Albanian police on the Greek National Day of October 28th, will be present in the rally against the Prespes agreement in Athens on Sunday, January 20th.

It is the flag that the 35-year-old Greek himself had sewed about a year ago, which he then carried from the Vouliarates of Northern Epirus, along with his compatriots in the rallies of Thessaloniki and Athens last January and February respectively.

The huge had cost him an entire monthly salary, according to his relatives. Last November, during Katsifa’s funeral ceremony in his homeland, the big Flag was there in all its glory again something that caused anger to the Albanian authorities who started a witch hunt in order to trace it and seize, without any success though.

It is expected that the participation of the Northern Epirots at the Sunday rally will be massive and according to the organizers, there will be a special reference to Konstantinos Katsifas and his struggles for Macedonia.

According to an announcement by the Northern Epirot Association, the huge flag will be on the same spot as last year, in front of the Unknown Soldier Monument, at 12:30′ on Sunday. “The great flag of Konstantinos Katsifas will be there to declare his present! He could not miss this great rally, as he did not miss the previous one“, the statement read.