Kavafys poems in Braille format

Read the list of poems which were transcribed into Braille

The Cavafys  archive of the Onassis Foundation in collaboration with the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (CERB), has issued an anthology of poems by Costanine Petrou Cavafys in Braille writing.

The anthology is the first of its kind and is a reference version which will pave the way for similar initiatives.

The move comes to fill to some extent the lack of poetry books for non-sighted.

Copies will be available to sighted and non-sighted by the House and the CERB inviting those who do not know this language tactile to get familiar with it.

The  list of poems which were transcribed in Braille format includes:
“As much as you can ”
“Waiting for the Barbarians”
“Days of 1903”
“In the outskirts of Antioch”
“Myris- Alexandria 340 ac”
“God Antonios”
“The period of Nero”
“The satrapy”
“The city”
“Hegemon of Western Libya ‘
“In the great Greek Colony, 200 BC”.

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