Lafazanis: Formation of new party a possibility

Greece will only be saved if it returns to a national currency

Leader of SYRIZA’s Left Platform Panagiotis Lafazanis left the possibility of the dissenting leftist members breaking off and forming a new party open, in an interview to newspaper ‘Kefaleo’ to be published Saturday. Lafazanis repeated his conviction that the only way Greece can exit the economic crisis is by adopting a national currency. He blames the government for its negotiations, while warns that if SYRIZA votes in the 3rd memorandum it would be a ‘grave historic mistake’. “It is Tsipras’s fault for the rift in the party”, he claims, stressing that he will intensify his political gatherings. He argues that ‘the last thing that matters is party unity’, if policies of austerity are imposed again. He dubbed the extraordinary conference of the party ‘blackmail and irrelevant’, adding that he considers the dilemma ‘you either vote for the memorandum of overthrow the government’ as fake.