Leaked footage of Conor McGregor sparring in ring (video)

August 26 is “D-Day”

On August 26 fans of boxing and MMA from around the world will on the edges of their seats as two top fighters in their combat styles, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will face off in a historic bout. The predictions of the outcome are heavily in favour of undefeated boxing star Floyd Mayweather, as the fight will take place under boxing rules. The Irish double UFC champion has been training to get used to the style with various sparring partners. A video was released showing McGregor in the ring with former South African champion Chris Van Heerden, and the footage is not very flattering for Conor. The video was reportedly shot one year ago, so maybe McGregor has improved since then? But has he improved enough to fight arguably the best boxer in history? We’ll have to wait and see.