Let’s travel to the most colorful cities in Europe

A colorful city is a happy city

Many of Europe’s famous cities are best known for their food, wine, history, or culture, but there are some cities that attract visitors because of their beautiful colors!

Whether their color comes from paint or plants, each city has a different palette to offer visitors. A colorful city is a happy city. Just imagine your city only more colorful. Wouldn’t that be enough to cheer you up every day you go at work?

See some of the most colorful cities in Europe.

1.Burano Island, Italy

Colorful buildings in Burano island sunny street, Venise, Italy

Burano Island is famous for two things: its lace making tradition and the vividly painted houses that stand along the pretty canals.

2. Juzcar, Spain


The Smurf Village of Andalusia

3. Reykjavik, Iceland


Europe’s smallest and northernmost capital city might be cold and isolated, but its colors will cheer you up.

4. Cinque Terre, Italy

An outstanding collection of 5 villages which looks like it came out of a painting

5. Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s picturesque Nyhavn Canal with its colorful, narrow townhouses, is now one of the trendiest and most animated areas in town.

6. Wroclaw Old Town, Poland


Ranging from Gothic and Baroque to Art Nouveau, this pastel-hued historic buildings are among the point of interests that every tourist should not miss.

7. Notting Hill, London, England


You might not see Hugh Grand or Julia Roberts, but wandering around the pastel streets of London’s Notting Hill would be clearly a feast for the eye.

8. Amorgos Island, Greece


One of the Cyclades Island group which features many ruins of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the island.

9. Colmar, France


This adorable town is a place that brings to mind childhood fairytales, with its canals and colorful houses.

10. Girona Riverfront, Spain


This Catalan city offers marvelous attractions