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Lost generation: 1 in 2 Greeks aged 18-35 live off their parents, study shows!

Survey showed they are more left leaning in politics

Nearly half the Greek youth (48%) between the ages of 18-35 said their main source of income was from immediate or extended family members, according to a survey conducted by research and analysis organisation “DiaNEOsis”. The findings published were the first part of a series of data concerning unemployment in Greece in relation to inter-generational matters. The quantitative research was carried out by MRB on a sample of 1,500 Greeks throughout the country. The results showed that only 15% of those polled believed they would find work in the next 6 months.

29% of young people believe that their standard of living will be worse than that of their parents, with 55% of their parents having the same opinion.

41% of young people say they are willing to move to another country to find work, while 46% are in another region of Greece.

Also young Greeks in relation to their parents said they were a little more left leaning in politics and much less religious,
– have a slightly better level of education,
– participate less in voluntary or collective actions (excluding policies),
-trust institutions less, and
– are less involved in cultural events