Low turnout in local elections raises concerns of skewed results

Greeks are voting in the second round of municipal and regional elections

Greek voters have gone to the polling stations to cast their votes in the 2nd round for the regional and municipal elections, but the low turnout so far has caused concerns in the political parties that the final results could be skewed.

According to data so far, the number of voters that have cast their ballots is much lower than last Sunday’s elections across all voting centres.

It should be noted that New Democracy (ND) has elected governors in six districts (Central Macedonia, Macedonia, Thessaly, Epirus, N. Aegean and Crete) from the first Sunday, while the same occurred in 107 municipalities including Glyfada, Alimos, Peristeri, Neapolis – Sykeon, Volos etc

Based on current data, ND elects 5 candidates in the regional elections and has a strong chance to win in 6-7 more districts.
On the other hand, the performance recorded by SYRIZA’s candidates is worse than what the party had in the European elections.