Man kills lover after discovering she is transgender during sex (photos)

The incident happened in Russia

A Russian doctor mutilated and cooked his lover after discovering she was transgender while having sex, police say.

Mikhail Tikhonov, 27, is said to have confessed to murdering and dismembering Nina Surgutskaya, 25, in her flat.

He allegedly killed her in a rage when he learnt that she had undergone sex change surgery.

A police report also says that the trained medic cooked some of his lover’s body parts in her oven and flushed some of her remains down the toilet.

Tikhonov had enjoyed a night out with Nina in Kursk, western Russia before the couple returned to her flat.

They were having sex when he realised that she had undergone surgery.

Police interrogators allege that he then strangled Nina on her bed.

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