Man kills wife with cobra after failing with viper

The man in India has been arrested

A man in Kerala, India killed his wife by letting loose a cobra in her room after failing with a viper once before, the police said on Monday.
Investigations have revealed that Sooraj, who worked in a private bank, bought the snake to kill his wife Uthra and also watched snake videos on the internet. His plan was to take away her money and gold and marry someone else, the police said.

Uthra was found dead at her house in Kollam on May 7. When her family learnt that she had been bitten by a snake, they grew suspicious. She had been bitten by a snake earlier in March as well.

They had a one-year-old son.

When the police started digging into the case, they found out that Sooraj, 27, had planned the first attempt in late February. He arranged a highly venomous viper with the help of his friend Suresh, a snake handler. The snake bit Uthra and she was hospitalised.

She was released after a month’s treatment and she went to her parents’ home.

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