Manchester United’s Harry Maguire released after being charged with a misdemeanour (video)

He told police he lost his mind after a Brit injured his sister with a sharp object

Manchester United player Harry Maguire was released on Saturday afternoon after he charged following his assault against police officers in the early hours of Friday in Mykonos.

The Manchester United defender, after being prosecuted for a misdemeanour, was referred to the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Syros, but his trial was postponed until next Tuesday, August 25th.

According to information, Maguire stated in his deposition to the police that the reason he lost his temper was his hand sister’s in the hand in the quarrel with another group of British tourists outside the bar.

As he said, it all started when some Britons approached his company and started shouting “f**k … United”. One of them then injured his sister in the hand with a sharp object, possibly a knife, and that was what got him out of control.

The England international spent the night in custody at the local police station in Mykonos.