Meet the couple that travels the globe nude! (photos)

They share their experiences on the internet

Nick and Lins, a couple in their 30s, travel around the globe relieved of any item of clothing. They record their experiences and “adventures” from their travels in their personal blog called “Naked Wanderings”. They often share their “naked” travel moments, mostly on beaches, through their Twitter profile.

“The main reason we started blogging was to show the world that nudity is for everyone and not just for hippies or perverts,” says Nick. “Sometimes we see people passing by and coming back to see that we are naked or sometimes they may be afraid to look – in which case it is always funny to greet them,” he concludes.
According to Daily Mail, the couple became nudists after accidently booking some time in an all-nude sauna.
Since that experience, they’ve traveled the world — totally in the buff — taking pictures of it all for social media.
“The liberation of taking off our clothes was extraordinary, it was pure freedom,” the couple explained on their blog, Naked Wanderings. They say their day job now consists of exploring and finding naked offerings and communities around the globe. This journey, the duo explained, “will take us through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and who knows where else.”