Meet the steer with the longest horns in the world (video)

Poncho’s horns span 10 feet and 7.4 inches

In the town of Goodwater, Alabama, a sweet steer with a healthy appetite for attention and the occasional marshmallow has become a celebrity thanks to his set of extraordinary horns. Six-year-old Texas longhorn Poncho Via was recently welcomed into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest horn spread on a steer ever documented. According to measurements taken last month, Poncho’s horns span 10 feet and 7.4 inches, about twice the length of a standard grand piano.

Poncho has been living in Goodwater with the Pope family since he was a calf. His owner, Jeral Pope Sr., first spotted Texas Longhorns on a trip out West. He’d never seen anything like them and knew he had to have one. Soon after, the family ranch welcomed six-month-old Poncho, who, at the time, had a big personality and horns that were nothing to write home about.