Messi remains in Maradona’s shadow

The comparisons are unjust

It is true that during this World Cup we saw a different Messi. A bigger tam player, with a mood to pressure the offense, helping double-up, putting his feet into the fire, returning to defend, trying for his teammates.

But it is also true that the Barcelona ace did not reach the levels everyone was expecting or know he can reach. He was mediocre in performance and at least in two games, he was nonexistent.

But it seems that FIFA was watching a different World Cup. Shortly after the Finale, the Word Federation handed the Argentinean the “Golden Ball” for what he did during the Cup (four goals, but…nothing more).

This decision raised several questions about its meaning, as it was quite obvious he didn’t deserve it.

It sparked controversy since many were waiting for the Golden Ball to be handed to James Rodriguez, Thomas Muller, Arjen Robben or Mascherano.

Messi certainly added another personal trophy to his collection but it is one of the few which will not bear so much recognition.

And certainly, he justified many people who said that he would never -even though he may have another chance or two- reach Diego Armando Maradona’s greatness.