Migrants attack Greek police in Lesvos

Two separate incidents happened at Lesvos hotspots

Migrants in Greece are becoming bolder and bolder, as on two separate occasions migrants hosted at the Lesvos hotspot attacked police officers. In the first instance, two migrants, aged 24 and 28, refused to comply with police officers’ instructions for an ID check, before pushing them aside and attempting to flee. When the two officers finally apprehended them and tried to neutralise them, the men forcefully resisted arrest. They were eventually subdued and were taken to the Mytilene Public Prosecutor’s Office charged with resisting arrest and contempt. In a similar case, which occurred only hours after the first incident, a 38-year-old migrant at the Moria hotspot also resisted arrest after refusing to undergo a routine ID check and a body search. The man initially used profanities against the officers, before he threatened them. The officers detected a small amount of cannabis on the man after searching him. The migrant was taken before the Mytilene Misdemeanour’s Court where he was charged with threats, verbal abuse, resisting arrest and violation of the narcotics law.