Mike Pompeo to Nikos Dendias: “We disapprove of Turkey’s actions, Greece is a pillar of stability”

Mr. Pompeo responded to the letter of his Greek counterpart within just a few days

A letter describing Greece as a “pillar of stability” condemning Turkey‘s actions was sent to Nikos Dendias by his American counterpart Mike Pompeo.

According to diplomatic sources, in his letter, which follows the letter of Nikos Dendias which described in detail the latest illegal and provocative actions of Turkey, the US Secretary of State responded by emphasizing that “Greece is a pillar of stability in the region”, noting again the excellent level of bilateral relations between Greece and the USA.

The same sources say that, Mike Pompeo in his letter underlines that the US “disapproves” of the ongoing Turkish investigations in areas where Greece has potential jurisdiction.

The US Secretary of State added that these unilateral actions only succeed in increasing the tension in the region and stresses that threats, intimidation and coercion efforts, as well as military activities, will not resolve the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mr. Pompeo also praises the position of Greece, which, as he states, wants the settlement of disputes through dialogue and always in accordance with International Law, noting that our country continues to take all necessary measures to avoid a military confrontation.

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The letter concludes by saying that the United States, like Greece, wants stability and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean, where co-operation will always be developed, always guided by international law.

According to diplomatic sources, the letter satisfied the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it is one more confirmation of the lawfulness of the Greek positions.

At the same time, it has a special diplomatic weight, taking into account the sender of the letter, but also the fact that Mr. Pompeo responded to the letter of his Greek counterpart within just a few days.