Minister Pappas on CNN: Greece to return to markets in August 2018 (video)

Greece making it easier for business start-ups, he says

Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas said the EuroGroup decisions ensured the return of Greece to the markets during an interview on CNN’s show “Quest Means Business”. Mr. Pappas, who is in the United States to make contacts with officials in light of next year’s Thessaloniki International Fair where the US will be the honoured country, expressed his confidence that Greece would return to the markets next August, adding that all macroeconomic fundamentals were positive. He added that these factors suggested Greece would be in a position to stabilise its ability to services its debts. On the issue of the brain drain, Mr. Pappas said the government had taken initiatives through the EU structural funds to lure young people back to the country by creating the appropriate climate and conditions by facilitating easier business start-ups.