Mitsotakis calls on Greek PM Tsipras to resign if he loses EP elections

The leader of ND said Tsipras should be held accountable for Prespa Agreement

The President of New Democracy (ND) Kyriakos Mitsotakis called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to resign if he loses in the upcoming EP elections on May 26.
“if he is defeated at the May 26th European elections, as I am sure, must go to Zappeion to resign and lead the country to national elections in 4 weeks”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated in the inter-channel interview he gave Sunday afternoon.

Mr Mitsotakis explained during his press conference that the EP elections were a vote of confidence for the Tsipras administration, adding that the Greek PM should call elections if he lost for two main reasons.
“The frost pone that he said it himself. If he lost he would step down. The second reason is that we are four months from SYRIZA’s ultimate limit. Why should the country live four months of suffering? Why should Mr. Tsipras spend a summer of luxury? He can do that as the leader of the opposition party. He will have plenty of time to rest if he feels tired.”

On the what policy his administration would adopt on allowances and benefits, Mr Mitsotakis spoke of the significance for a large portion of the citizens of the so-called “13th pension” announced by Mr Tsipras, adding, however, that if the economy does to grow it would be impossible to use resources.
“It was not only pensioners would be experiencing hardships and were suffering, but also the long-term unemployed, households that do not have a single worker, but for them, there is no word in the SYRIZA program. ”
On the issue of the Prespa Agreement, Mr Mitsotakis said the Prime Minister would be held accountable.

“Mr. Tsipras is accountable for the poor Prespa agreement that recognised Macedonian language and identity and did not even protect Macedonian products,” the ND president added.