Mitsotakis says Turkey flagrantly violates international law in Cyprus in interview with Egyptian newspaper

The Greek PM is scheduled to take part in the 7th Tripartite Meeting of Egypt – Greece – Cyprus

“Turkey is flagrantly violating international law coupling these provocative activities with extreme and counterproductive rhetoric”, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram ahead of his visit to Cairo for the 7th Tripartite Meeting of Egypt – Greece – Cyprus.

“Turkey’s recent moves in plot 7 of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus are the latest and most provocative of its activities,” he added.

In his interview with one of the biggest newspapers in the Middle East, Mr Mitsotakis talked extensively about the problems posed by Turkey’s stance and pointed out that “Turkish provocations such as those in Cyprus are clearly not creating the right climate for a positive re-launch that Greece wants and seeks.”

Speaking about the Egypt-Greece-Cyprus Tripartite Meeting tomorrow in Cairo, the Prime Minister made reference to a “powerful multi-themed institution and expanding regional cooperation, which is open to all states in the region that base their foreign policy and their relations with their neighbours, on respect for international law and the application of the principle of good neighbourliness in practice.”