Mobile World Congress to kick off Monday in Barcelone (infographic)

Apple will not attent

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off in Barcelona on Monday, giving the world’s largest smartphone brands an opportunity to unveil their latest offerings on the global stage. Eventhoug Apple sips the MWC, given the buzz its own events generate, Samsung used to unveil its new flagship Galaxy S models at the congress but reportedly decided against it this year. The Korean technology giant of the smartphone market will attend the event in Barcelona, but is expected to focus more on tablets this time around.

Then two leaders in the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple, take very different approaches to their marketing strategy. Apple is decidedly minimalist in how many different models it sells and zeroes in on the top ebnd of the market. On the other hand, Samsung churns out more smartphones than any other major brand year after year. While the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models compete with Apple for the premium segment, Samsung also has cheaper models on offer to compete with Chinese brands in Asia and at the lower end of Western markets.

It is impossible to say which approach is the right one, as both Samsung and Apple are exceptionally successful in what they’re doing.