Muslim scholar and two brothers allegedly raped their teen sister

They swore her to silence on the Quran

A Muslim scholar and his two brothers have been arrested for allegedly raping their child sister and swearing her to silence on the Quran in Pakistan.

The religious scholar is alleged to have raped his 15-year-old sister at a mosque last Friday, police in Islamabad said.

Police said the three brothers – aged between 22 and 30 – told their sister to stay quiet in the name of the Koran.

They were hauled into custody and remanded at the Adiala jail.

According to the authorities, the victim – the youngest of nine siblings from Bannu – lived with her brothers after their parents died.

She was said to have first been raped two years ago by one of the suspects, the Karachi daily reported.

The girl was subsequently raped three times by another suspect and then most recently at the mosque, the police claimed.

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