Mutated Covid-19 strain “arrives” in Greece

There were 4 cases detected after checks

Strains of the mutated coronavirus infection, which had initially emerged in the UK, have arrived in Greece, raising concerns in the country’s health authorities.

The mutated virus cases, which are believed to have a higher transmission rate, were identified at an inspection by the Institute for Biotechnological Research of the Academy of Athens.

According to a report on ANT1 TV, the mutated strain was detected in 4 cases which seems to have contributed to the decision for an even stricter lockdown announced by the government for next week.

In any case, all the data will be taken into account at tomorrow’s meeting of the Committee of Experts, where decisions will be reached related to the opening of schools on January 11.

The UK has seen a record number of COVID-19 cases for the fifth day in succession.