National Geographic’s guess for the resident of the Amphipolis tomb

Is it Olympias or Roxanne?

As long as the Amphipolis excavation brings new evidence and findings to light, global admiration and interest rises, and more archaeologists express their own opinion on the great mystery: Who the tenant of the Amphipolis tomb is. International magazine National Geographic hosts the view of Professor Ian Worthington of Missouri, who believes that the answer lies in the appearance of Persephone. According to the professor, the tomb of Amphipolis hosts a woman, which is supported by the appearance of Persephone on the mosaic. If this is, indeed, proven, then chances are that it will be one of the two most important women in the life of Alexander the Great. His mother Olympias, or his wife, Roxanne. They were both killed on the orders of Cassander, one of Alexander’s heirs.

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