Nationwide poll shows ND lead SYRIZA by 18.6 percentage points

Most Greeks say they will get the Covid-19 vaccine

Ruling New Democracy (ND) holds a commanding 18.6 point-lead over major opposition party SYRIZA in the latest nationwide poll conducted by Marc for Alpha TV.

As the results showed, those asked said they did not want early elections, with 55.8% of the respondents evaluating the Mitsotakis government positively or rather positively.

In the intention to vote, ND received 38.6% and SYRIZA 20%. They are followed by KINAL with 6.5%, KKE with 5%, Hellenic Solution with 3.8%, and MERA25 with 2%.

The majority, at 55.1%, do not believe that the recent reshuffle will improve the performance of the government. However, 53.6% believe that with SYRIZA in government, things would be worse.

Those intending to be vaccinated reached 70%. The vast majority of older people are among those who say they intend to get the Covid-19 vaccine.