NBA star James Harden pulled over in China for a traffic violation (video)

Reports say he was stopped for riding pillion

Houston Rockets’ James Harden caused quite a commotion in Shanghai when he rode down on an electric scooter with his friends and got pulled over by cops on Saturday afternoon at around 3pm.

Conflicting reports online suggest the group may have been riding on the wrong side of the road, or that one of them was riding pillion.


It’s also unclear if they paid a fine or if their scooters were confiscated.

In China on tour for Adidas, Harden, who once dated Khloe Kardashian (and later described the experience as the “worst year” of his life), put on a Peking opera costume and shot his trademark step-back 3.

Later that evening, Harden took to Weibo to issue an apology.

“China, thank you for your hospitality 🙏🏾 I would like to apologize for violating traffic rules during my scooter ride today,” he wrote. “Not a good example obviously but I was just trying to enjoy the city as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding and I’ll make sure to abide by the rules next time here.”

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