New Albanian provocation: They subpoena Katsifas’ ex-wife!

They continue to show no respect to Katsifas’ family


The Albanian authorities are provoking again. Not only do they refuse to allow Konstantinos Katsifas’ family to bury him but they have pressed charges against him. In that context they saw fit to…subpoena Katsifas’ ex-wife in order to testify in Tirana!

His wife lives with their 13-year-old daughter in Crete.

It should be noted that initially the Albanian authorities had asked of his family to sign a document stating that they have no claim from the Albanian state regarding Katsifas’ death.

When the family refused, they brought his body to Tirana and the Albanian prosecutor…pressed charges against the dead man!

According to the information thus far, the Albanian government are afraid that his funeral will turn into a demonstration of the Greek minority against the Albanian authorities.