Obama public support in Germany for Greek debt relief not enough

Informal summit meeting in Hannover on US Pres. last world tour as head of state

US President Barack Obama expressed the public view that Greece should receive debt relief, during his visit to Germany. Obama is on his last world tour as US President, as his term ends at the end of the year. His meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hannover, which also included the heads of state of Italy, France sand the UK was dubbed an informal summit meeting. The meeting inevitably focused on all the current issues on the global stage like the refugee crisis, the Ukrainian issue, the future of Libya and the Greek debt crisis. The US President said growth should return to Greece, repeating the stated US position on the matter that an alleviation of the Greek debt was necessary for this to be achieved. It is a show of public support for the wavering Tsipras government, but clearly not as strong as he would have hoped for. As one US correspondent covering the visit commented ’Tsipras was waiting for a full plate of food and Obama threw him some scraps’….