Our daughter called us crying, before she was found dead on yacht, say parents of Aussie model

They are still looking for answers on the causes of her death

The parents of Aussie model Sinead McNamara, who was found dead on a superyacht docked in Kefalonia last week, are still in search of the exact causes of the 20-year-old’s death. The blonde Instagram model was found hanging on the “Queen IV’s” luxury yacht that belongs to Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères.

According to a statement released by the attorney-at-law of the family, Mrs. Charalambos Triantafyllopoulos, the 20-year-old from Australia did not face any problems and had frequent contact with her family. The parents, however, are requesting via their legal representative to from the Greek authorities to learn what exactly happened in the yacht for those critical moments leading up to her death on Thursday last week.

In the statement released by their representative, the parents claim their daughter had, in fact, called them the fatal night before she died, complaining about an incident that had happened with another crew member.