Papademos terrorist attack: Fears more targets could be hit (photos-videos)

Police checking envelopes in post office

The Greek counter-terrorism unit is focusing its investigations on where the envelope was sent from, amid fears that a series of similar packages could be sent to domestic targets. Former Greek PM Lucas Papademos, who is in stable condition at Evangelismos hospital, was injured Thursday when a booby-trapped envelope exploded in his vehicle. Authorities are waiting for the terrorist group called “Conspiracy of the Fire Nuclei” to assume responsibility for the attack with a declaration, believing it would close the cycle of their plan labeled “Nemesis 2”, thus potentially ruling out the possibility of more attacks being carried out. So far investigations are focused on finding out the route of the envelope to ascertain which area it came from and how it was posted. Police are also trying to find out the type of explosive device used in the attack, with the little evidence left after the explosion being currently examined in forensics. Experts believe the device was similar to that sent recently to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and the IMF offices in Paris. Police are collecting depositions of Mr. Papademos and his guards, with a team of officers from the counter-terrorism unit visiting Evangalismos hospital and taking statements from those involved. Meanwhile, officers have been placed on shifts at the Kryoneri Postal office centre and are scouring through all envelopes designated to politicians, judges or people in the financial sector in Greece.