Parking lots for 2-wheeler vehicles to be created in Greek urban centres

A ministerial decision was issued laying out the requirements for the establishment of the parking lots

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is preparing to table regulation for the creation and operation of special urban parking spaces for bicycles (motorcycles, bicycles), in an effort to combat the problem of illegal parking. The relevant legislative action is expected to be ready by the start of 2020.

To this end, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Yiannis Kefalogiannis, issued a ministerial decision delineating the terms, conditions and the necessary requirements for the operation of the parking spaces, which will include the minimum dimensions, night lighting, guarding and technical specifications (eg stripes, vehicle position limits and maneuverability).

The new regulations might also consider the possibility of allowing the use of vertical elevation (floors or levels) to increase the capacity of parking slots on small plots, as well as the possibility of creating two-wheeler parking spaces in car parking lots already in operation, provided the necessary interventions are made.

There is currently no institutional framework for the creation of two-wheeler parking spaces.