People gather in front of Greek parliament in remembrance of fire victims (photos-videos)

Impromptu event organised by basketball player via social media

Hundreds of people showed up at an impromptu vigil organised for the victims of the deadly fires in Mati, Attica in front of the Greek parliament on Monday night. The crowd gathered at the meeting point after a call by basketball player Giannis Gagaloudis via social media to express their respect and “apologise” to those that perished in the flames. Gagaloudis said he felt “proud” for all the people who had left their work and taken time out of their schedules to attend the event, adding that he did not care about what was going on behind him (referring to the parliament building). “What is happening here represents me. The only thing we can do is give love. I want to thank the people who came here”, he said. Holding his daughter in his arms he explained that “it all started with something that shook me because of my daughter. It was the last one I saw. I felt immense hate and rage. I started writing something and it evolved into what you are seeing. I am proud of all the people here.” “Earlier, a man who has lost someone in the fires, has someone among the missing and a relative who is fighting for their life said ‘please do not forget us’. We all have to remember that. The nature of Greeks is to forget. Better this time we do not forget and move forward”, concluded Gagaloudis.