PM Mitsotakis: We are ready to enhance Covid-19 measures

The PM called on Greeks to not be complacent

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis cautioned against any complacency in the battle against the coronavirus during the regular teleconference meeting with experts on the course of the pandemic on Wednesday.

The PM said Greece would receive its Covid-19 vaccine quota based on the pre-purchase agreement signed between the European Commission and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, if the vaccine under development successfully passes the necessary tests.

Mr. Mitsotakis stressed that this is one of the most promising vaccines against Covid-19 that are being tested, pointing out, however, that along with measured optimism of the progress and until the vaccine does come out, there should be no complacency among the citizens, urging “increased vigilance”.

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As the return of summer vacationers to the large urban centres peaks until the end of August, the Prime Minister stressed that the government has already announced a package of concrete measures to prevent the spread of the virus. “We are always ready to update and further enhance these measures, always based on real data, which we publish every day with absolute transparency”.

Commenting on far-fetched ‘conspiracy theories’ about the virus mainly on social media, he stressed that the narratives of those fighting the virus on a daily basis will show the minority of Greeks who question the real danger that the problem is real and must be addressed collectively by the citizens, and this is not a fabrication that fits into nonsensical conspiracy theories.

During the meeting, the epidemiological data were discussed, and based on the information from August 8 onward, 70% of the domestic cases are in close contact with an already existing case, a detail that aids in a better tracking and the attempt to confine the cases to limit the spread in the community.