PM Tsipras: “School meal programme expanded to more than 130.000 schools in 2017”

The government changed the Hellenic Coat of Arms in the video


“The successful school meal programme was expanded to more than 130,000 elementary school students in 2017. Our goal is for all children to be focused on their school and their progress, undistracted by their parents’ difficult struggle for survival,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras posted on Thursday on Twitter.

The post is accompanied by a video saying that “every day at school, all children eat food. Or maybe not all? School meals support thousands of families. 130,000 elementary school pupils eat properly. Child obesity is subsiding. The Mediterranean diet raises strong constitutions. Jobs in the catering sector are rising. Internationally, school meals set standards for diet. And they are delicious, like the word ‘solidarity’.”

In the end, the prime minister is heard, saying: “It was fair and it was put into action”.

What has made a really bad impression, though, is the fact that at the end of the video under the Greek coat of arms instead of writing “Hellenic Republic” one can read “Greek Government”.