Sex, masks and cloaks! Police bust “Eyes Wide Shut” swingers club in Piraeus! (photos-video)

Four people arrested

Greek police arrested 4 people during a raid on a night club in Piraeus after discovering the business was actually operating as an illegal swingers’ club. Three people were detained for not having the appropriate health certificates and work permits while the fourth person, a 48-year-old Greek was arrested for facilitating licentiousness.



The officers were left dumbfounded when during their on the spot investigation came across a Stanley Kubrickesque atmosphere.



They discovered the club was using 8 separate, hidden rooms designed specifically to cater for the sexual preferences and tastes of the clients, as well as 26 cloaks and 191 masks resembling the famous film “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kindman.



The club had been operating under the guise of a normal club but was for many years in fact offering swingers the chance to live out their fantasies.



It put on special events on a weekly basis, which would be advertised through its social media, while in one of these promotions a photo of Survivor player Giannis Spaliaras had appeared as a special guest. The 8 “sex” rooms were advertised on its website and had elaborate design and decors to grab the imagination of the prospective clients. It had developed a very strong presence via its Facebook page, where the members were informed on regular basis about very new event, indicative of which was won old post on August 2014 which read “WSAP TIL TOU DROP…”




Police confiscated 1,684 euros during the raid, while the 4 people arrested were taken to the Piraeus Prosecutor of Misdemeanours.