Poll: SYRIZA stalls 2nd review to cling to power, people say

ND leads by 17.5%

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) leads ruling government SYRIZA by 17.5 percentage points, the monthly University of Macedonia poll revealed. Then results, aired on Skai TV, showed only 3.5% of Greeks were satisfied with the government’s performance so far, while respondents attributed the delay in the closing of the second review of the Greek bailout program to the Greek PM’s concern of political cost (73%), with 50% of SYRIZA voters agreeing. Six out of ten polled said the government was only interested in clinging to power, while a mere 3.5% believed the government had upheld its promises. The poll showed that 33% intended to vote for ND, 15.5% SYRIZA, followed by Golden Dawn (GD) 7.5%, KKE (communists) 7% and Democratic Alignment 6.5%.