Polls show ND solidifies lead against ruling SYRIZA

ND retains a steady lead in all polls

Over the past week, the Prime Minister’s Office has leaked information that it possesses secret polls suggesting that the gap between ruling SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy (ND) has been wiped out adding that the elections will be close.
However, none of these scenarios have been confirmed in the two latest polls released on Monday.

Data from pollsters Rass for Action 24 TV confirmed that the gap in favour of the opposition party remained, with ND ahead by 8.5% lead.
According to that poll, ND receives 31,7%, SYRIZA 23,2%, KINAL 8,7%, KKE 6,7% and Golden Dawn 6,4%.
The projection of whop would win (which party voters thought would win in Sunday’s elections) ND leads with 73.5% against 20.3% of SYRIZA.
The polls also showed a low level of trout for SYRIZA voters, with only 52.5%, compared with 87.2% of the ND voters. The important findings of the survey revealed that 80.1% of respondents said they would vote for the same party both in the European elections and in the national elections.

Another poll, that of Metron Analysis, also seems to dispel the narrative SYRIZA was trying to push.
In this, New Democracy maintained a steady lead over SYRIZA by 6.7 percentage points. The percentage of undecided voters was particularly high, exceeding 10%, while Golden Dawn came in fourth.

Al party leaders are continuing their campaign rallies in an effort to galvanise supporters and convince the undecided citizens to cast their ballots in Sunday’s double elections.