Popular Turkish singer wishes coronavirus to hit Greece, Russia and US in viral song (video)

The lyrics of the song describe Greece as the “stain of the era”

There might a global fight underway to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems old enmities between nations trump those efforts.

According to site tourkikanea.gr, popular Turkish folk singer Fikret Simsek wishes the deadly virus to leave his country and hit its enemies, including Greece, Russia and the U.S.

As the site reports the singer “exorcises” the evil by interpreting his new hit “Get out of here, go viral” that went viral on Turkish social media.

The lyrics, the translation of which were made by tourkikanea.gr asks the coronavirus to “leave” Turkey and go to its enemies, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Egypt, Assad and Syria, Putin and Russia, Trump and the US, and of course Greece, which is characterised as a “black stain of the era”.

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