PornHub visitors pause to watch Game of Thrones premiere!

Once HBO hit series was over traffic at PornHub was back to normal

Apparently a significant number of frequent visitors to the popular porn site Pornhub are even bigger fans of “Game of Thrones.”
The hit HBO series returned for the premiere of its seventh season on Sunday with over 16 million viewers tuning in. Typically, Sunday night is “one of the most popular times for people to visit Pornhub,” but the site saw a 4.5 percent decrease in traffic during the airing of the premiere.
Vice President of Pornhub Corey Price was not surprised by the decline in traffic to the site, as they company has seen similar trends in the past.
“As is often the case with many events–Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Comey/Sessions testimonies, Coachella, etc., people prefer watching said events in real time,” Price told Fox News. “And, quite honestly, who could blame them? Pornhub will always be around.”
The season 6 premiere in April of 2016 saw a 4.1 percent drop in traffic to the porn site and the season finale, an even bigger 5.2 percent decrease from normal traffic levels. Price wasn’t worried about it though, and even expected it to happen.
“As soon as ‘Game of Thrones’ was finished, traffic levels returned back to normal, as they always do,” he said.